Data Engineering


Apply software engineering practices in a data-driven environment.

Data engineers are the pillars on which every data-driven company is built. We believe software engineering is the foundation to become a data engineer, so we put an emphasis on consolidating principles and best practices rather than tools. Of course, you’ll deep dive into the most effective technologies as well.

The first month

During the first month, you learn at an extremely intense pace. The program begins with an immersive, month-long, full-time bootcamp training that focuses on writing deployable code, version control, continuous integration, working with Docker and cloud computing, deploying model artifacts, and monitoring your models in production. Some topics may sound familiar, but we’ll go more in-depth into principles and best practices to prepare you for the next step in your career.

The next 12-months

After the bootcamp, you spend a full year working onsite four days a week at one of our partner companies, and returning one day a week to our Xccelerated office in Amsterdam. During these “return” days, you split your time between theory and practice—gaining project guidance and coaching from our supervising consultants to support you in the partner company’s projects, while also diving deeper into training topics not covered in the bootcamp. It’s always about continuous learning.

Program topics include

  • Bash-fu

  • Data Engineering with Python/Scala

  • Distributed processing with Kafka & Spark

  • Functional data engineering with Airflow

  • Machine learning model deployment

  • Streaming Algorithms

  • Distributed Systems

  • Cloud-native data engineering

  • Soft skills

  • Personal development

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Soft skills

Every Xccelerator program integrates personal development. So along with your hard data skills, you will also learn (and practice) effective ways to communicate as a data professional. Topics covered include working in multidisciplinary teams, different communication styles, presentation skills, feedback, and handling conflict.

Why work at Xccelerated


Advanced training

Don’t waste your time and take your skills to the next level. Our 13-month advanced programs kick off with an intensive, month-long (paid) bootcamp training. After that, you’ll receive ongoing, weekly project support from our senior consultants, plus personal development coaching.


Challenging data-driven project

When you join Xccelerated, you’ll get the opportunity to have one of our partner companies as your next employer. So, you can put everything you’ve learned (and are learning) into practice while working in collaboration with other highly skilled professionals on the most challenging data-driven projects.


Love what you do

Become a better data scientist, data engineer, or cloud engineer while enjoying your job? Sounds pretty good to us. This is your chance to work with like-minded young professionals in an international environment, sharing knowledge - and fun. Because work shouldn’t really feel like work, should it?

Ready to become a Data Engineering Xccelerator?

Help companies make a real impact by improving their data platforms and industrializing machine learning. If you are eager to learn about the latest technologies while working with colleagues who share a passion for data to help businesses get more from theirs – and you have:

  • A technical bachelor’s or master’s degree (e.g. computer science, informatics, artificial intelligence, software engineering)

  • One-year-minimum work experience as a software engineer or data engineer (related company internships or side jobs are also relevant)

  • Programming skills (preferably in Python)

Our next Data Engineering group starts April 1, 2020.

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If you have any questions, please contact Samantha, our Talent Acquisition Lead, through or telephone number +31 (0) 6 - 13 88 97 70


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