Successful First Xccelerated Data Science Bootcamp


In the past month, the first group of Xccelerated young professionals has worked really hard to become skilled Data Scientists. They have received training and worked hands-on, on the following subjects, among other things:

  • Modern and Testable Data transformation & analysis with Pandas

  • Modern and Testable ML with Scikit-learn

  • Math behind the models: how do they really work?

  • Software Engineering with Python (clean code)

  • PySpark

  • Introduction to public cloud services

  • Continuous Integration


We are very proud to announce that the Xccelerators have successfully made it through the Bootcamp! Thanks to Matthijs Brouns (our new Data Science Lead) and Vincent Warmerdam (GoDataDriven hero) they are now ready to start at some top-notch enterprises.

Good luck to our Xccelerators, Go get ’em!

~ The Xccelerated Team

Ischa Vieten